The Style of Our Life

Hey y’all! So much has happened since my last publish. The most obvious is I’ve moved my blog here to Get excited because there is more content to come to the site in the next few days! I’ve also had another sweet baby boy and lost my sister. We’ve completed the move-in renovations on our home and I moved agencies. See, I told you a lot has happened! To get us all, old and new, on track I thought the first post would be best as an Welcome to Me styled entry.

I’m Jenna and I’m busy being Gods child, a wife, a mom of 3 boys and a Media Director at an advertising agency – Wife Hard, Mom Hard, Work Hard, right?!?  I have a sick passion for style – anything boho, rustic with extra jewels – it’s for me. This is why God gave me boys, he knew the damage I’d do to our Amex with a girl! But it’s not like I gave up on boys style, they are on point everywhere we go. And they match. Yes, I am a matcher. The babes are too young to be annoyed and the oldest feels left out if he doesn’t so it all works in my favor.

My babes, Danny 10, Jase 20 months and Rhett 3 months, are all awesome. They all have such different personalities. Danny is my stepson and one of the reasons I knew Joe was for me, because of how he loved his son. Even though I come from a huge, extended, loud Latin familia, I never really knew if kids were for me. Now I know. They are and right now I am wanting more! Especially after losing my sister. I put Jase and Rhett in our shoes and think the more I have is really the more they have should, God forbid, something happen to one. I wouldn’t be leaving one alone, like a sudden only child, which is a world of difference when you’ve always had a sibling.

My husband is a stud and talented beyond words. We have so much doing projects and almost together. Except for hunting. The last thing I think I would ever want to do catch a smelly, dirty, mean wild hog with my bare hands. No thanks. I’ll go get a pedicure and a PSL. But I truly understand hunters and their absence from everything that is life from September – February. My Nanu Boy built a hunting cabin years ago and now every man and son and close family friend carry on that tradition. I’m actually excited to see my boys enjoy it too!

My life lends me unlimited content! With something almost always going on, how do I even find time to type? I look at the 2 loads of laundry next to me and mumble ‘you can wait‘. Something I will regret when I see wrinkled pajamas tonight… Oh well! My blog shares life tips, projects, recipes, stories and my love. The way we do things here, The Style of Our Lives.

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